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Why I Give: Harold Kahl

For Harold “J.R.” Kahl , giving back to the community is just part of who he is. Now retired, the former banker and longtime county resident is a big advocate of the philosophy that a strong community depends on people giving back in one form or another — either through volunteering or serving on the board or providing financial support. “Without the community, a local business isn’t going to be successful,” said the St. Leonard resident. “That’s why it’s so important for business to be involved and to be prepared to make a contribution to the community in return. It’s what makes the community tick.” Kahl has more personal reasons for supporting the Sheldon E. Goldberg Center for Breast Care at CalvertHealth. “I think almost everybody’s life has been touched by breast cancer in some way,” he added. His wife, Ronnie, a breast cancer survivor since 1999, was treated by Dr. Goldberg. “Our support of the center was really a tribute to all of his fine work.” If you’re looking for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference, please visit here to learn more about how the CalvertHealth Foundation is supporting the hospital’s mission to improve the lives of your family, friends and neighbors in our community.

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