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Naming Opportunities

There are many extraordinary ways to leave a legacy through your generosity to the CalvertHealth Foundation. A naming opportunity is one of the most meaningful ways to leave an everlasting gift in honor or memory of a loved one. Donors can choose to name a room, a wing, or other facilities for themselves or loved ones. Naming gifts range from $20,000 to $1. See below for naming opportunities.

Medical Center Tower


Specialty Center or Program

$500,000 Sheldon E. Goldberg Center for Breast Care – Reserved

$500,000 Center for Family Birth Care
Every delivery is special at the CalvertHealth Center for Family Birth Care. Modern and comfortable care is provided in five beautifully decorated birthing rooms, each with state-of-the-art technology to provide the safest care for both mom and baby. Following delivery, mom and baby will be moved to the private Mother-Baby Suites with 24-hour rooming-in and welcoming space for visiting family and friends. Rooms are also available for naming. See back for more information.

$500,000 Center for Neuroscience
The Center for Neuroscience at CalvertHealth offers comprehensive and coordinated care to patients experiencing a broad range of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders in all stages, from the earliest symptoms through established disease. The team uses advanced technology and innovative procedures to effectively treat both chronic and acute conditions including brain tumors, head trauma, persistent headaches, chronic pain, muscle and movement disorders, seizures, sleep disorders, stroke and spine injuries.

Units, Suites and Departments

$500,000 Intensive Care Unit
CalvertHealth’s Intensive Care Unit is designed to provide ongoing intensive medical treatment and medical care to those who are seriously ill or injured or who suffer from complex health conditions.

$500,000 Cardiopulmonary Department
CalvertHealth offers diagnostic and rehabilitation services for cardiac patients assuring the best treatment, close to home. Care is coordinated with several regional providers to ensure continuity of care between the tertiary medical centers and CalvertHealth.

$500,000 Emergency Department
When you need immediate medical attention, CalvertHealth’s Emergency Department is ready to care for you, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

$500,000 Medical Center Outpatient Concourse
$500,000 Medical Center Wing
$250,000 Level 5 Frank Miller Howes Concourse –Reserved
$200,000 Level 4 Concourse –Reserved
$200,000 Level 3 Concourse
$200,000 Level 2 Dr. John Weigel Concourse –Reserved
$150,000 Marianne Harms Women’s Care Suite –Reserved
$150,000 Panos Interventional Radiology Suite –Reserved

Other Departments

Name a specific area or program of the hospital that has personally and positively impacted you or someone you know including:

$150,000 Behavioral Health
$150,000 Community Wellness
$150,000 Diagnostic Imaging
$150,000 Endoscopy
$150,000 Infusion Therapy
$150,000 Laboratory
$150,000 Wound Care
$150,000 Orthopedics
$150,000 Operating Room
$150,000 Pain Management
$150,000 Palliative Care
$150,000 Rehabilitation
$150,000 Sleep Disorder
$150,000 Medical Surgical Units
$150,000 Same Day Surgery
$150,000 Surgical Services


$125,000 Vascular Lab

Medical Center Lobby

Serving as the first touch in a coordinated effort of patient-centered care, the Medical Center Lobby greets thousands of patients and visitors each year and serves as a welcoming location for families and friends to meet when visiting or waiting for a patient.

$100,000 Medical Center Lobby –RESERVED
$100,000 Same Day Surgery Waiting Area

Medical Center Waiting Areas

CalvertHealth appreciates the important role of families, friends and caregivers in the patient healing process. Waiting areas serve as a relaxing check-in point for patients as well as a comfortable and nearby space for family and friends.

$100,000 Emergency Room – Thomas and Myrtle Hance – RESERVED
$100,000 Intensive Care Waiting Room
$100,000 Pediatric Waiting Room
$100,000 Operating Room

Medical Center Inpatient Rooms

$50,000 Private Medical Center Rooms
$50,000 Center for Family Birth Care Rooms

Board Room and Classrooms

$50,000 Board Room –RESERVED
$50,000 CalvertHealth Medical Center Classroom One
$50,000 CalvertHealth Medical Center Classroom Two

Lounge and Library

$25,000 Medical Staff Lounge: Drs. Kiumarce & Mahin Siapoosh Yazdani – RESERVED
$25,000 Breast Center Resource Library: Noel Murphy Goldberg – RESERVED

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