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One Family’s Story

“I knew private rooms were the standard of care but the magnitude didn’t hit me until I experienced it firsthand with my loved one,” said CalvertHealth Foundation Chair Lynette Entzian.

Her sister-in-law, Tami Entzian, pictured above third from the right with her family, went to the Emergency Room at Calvert because she thought she had the flu remarked Entzian. She later discovered she had a tumor in her colon. Tami was admitted to a semi-private room.

Lynette said the details of the day are etched in her memory. “When I arrived, her husband and children were still reeling from the news and completely overwhelmed. She was being strong for her family, but hearing the news was difficult and dealing with those emotions with others in the room was even more challenging.” Privacy is important and Entzian is proud to be spearheading this important project to bring private rooms to the community.

“Thankfully, Tami had a very good outcome,” she said. “After the surgery was done, all the diagnostic tests revealed they were able to remove all the cancer and no further treatment was needed, but this experience really left an indelible impression on me about the urgency of this project,” said Entzian. “There are so many benefits for the patient, and privacy is definitely one of them.”
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